Mold Tech Texture For Plastic Injection Molding

When you make a surface finish on plastic composites can vary a great deal, depending on the physical and chemical properties of the polymer blend as well as the parameters of the injection molding process.

The first objective for a custom injection molder is working with the customer to determine how important the surface finish is for the appearance and/or performance of the final product. For example, does the product need to be eye-catching or simply functional? Depending on the answer, the material selected and the desired finish will determine the settings for the injection molding process, and any required secondary finishing operations.

First of all,we need to know about MOLD-TECH texture for most automotive moldings.

The original MT 11000 texture is expensive than a copy texture,but it is worth to make it if you part has strict appearance demands.


When you decided to make a texture in the steel surface,there are few points need to concern.

Firstly,different texture numbers need to compare with diffferent draft angles,when the plastic part designer making design,the draft angle is a very important point to think about. The main reason if we didn’t follow strictly with the request draft angle, the surface will have sracthes after demolding,then the customer will not accept the part appearance. In this case,if you want to redesign the draft angle,seems it is too late,you may need to make new block for this mistake.


Secondly,there are difference between different raw material,such as PA or ABS are not the same draft angle. PA raw material is much harder than a ABS part,it needs to concern add 0.5degree based on a ABS plastic part.

MT-11000 Texture reference



Post time: Aug-10-2022
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