Plastic Electronic waterproof Plastic junction box large size

Plastic Electronic waterproof Plastic junction box large size

Short Description:

  • Min.Order Quantity:: 1 Piece
  • Guarantee:: One year
  • Port:: NingBo / Shanghai
  • Payment Terms:: L/C,D/P,T/T,Western Union
  • Size: large
  • Weight: 536g
  • Product Detail

    Valve factory

    Injection mold factory

    Extrusion factory

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    Product Detail


    Packaging Delivery

    1. Samples/drawing&requirement from you

    2. Mould design: we will communicate and exchange the opinion with you after you place order.

    3. Material Purchase: Steel cutting and mould base tooling.

    4. Assembling.

    5. Inspection of mould: following and controlling the tooling processing.

    6. Mould testing: We will inform you the date. Then will send the sample’s inspection report and injection parameters with the sample to you!

    7. Your instruction&confirmation for shipment.

    8. Ready-made mould before packing.

    Package of injection molding:

    1. Wooden carton,

    2. shipping by sea, by load,

    3. We also can produce any plastic parts for you. We have 25 different ton injection machines.

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    Company Information

    1.  Office corner
    2.  Equipment
    3.  Package and delivering


    4 . Certification

    Why choose us?

    Prompt response in 24 hours
    Good Quality
    Reasonable price
    Stronger engineer team Support R&D
    Good After-sale service



    How about your payments item?
    Payment Item: 50% deposit after confirming the drawings and 50% balance after confirming the samples (before delivery).


    Delivering time?
    Generally, T1 time is 30 days after drawings confirmed both side, then the samples approved, 5 days later it can be delivering.


    Ability of producing?
    We have all tooling machine for making molds. We can provide 30-50 sets of molds every month.


    Welcome to visit us!


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  • 1.  Office corner
    2.  Producing and inspection
    3.  Package and delivering

    4 . Certification
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    1.  Office corner
    office corner

    2.  Producing and inspection
    Equipments Working place

    3.  Package and delivering
    package and delivering

    4 . Certification

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    1.  Office corner
    office corner

    2.  Producing and inspection

    3.  Package and delivering
    Producing & delivering

    4 . Certification

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