New Tiki Type Torch Kits; 3 Combined and Plenty of Gas to Spare!

This is a video of’s new Portable Propane Tiki Type Torches. They can come with center 24″ , 36″ or 72″ heights, or without center poles and you can use any galvanized or other 1/2″ pipe of any size and just purchase a few of our fittings, or what you see fit to need. I believe you could run 7 or so torch bodies off of one tank and still be efficient if you run them as just a billowing nice torch and not wide open as i showed you can do here. Our torch burners use our lifetime guaranteed 316 stainless B4K 4″ Vertical burner kit on top of our 316 stainless ball valve and these burners are our smallest most efficient of our burners and yet still provide a huge billowing flame with little gas when covered with lava rocks or glass or in this case used ceramic briquettes in the far torch. Again, see us online at and use coupon code youtube for 5% off. have a great day and be careful; Fire Does Burn! Always leak check your fittings.

Post time: Oct-21-2017
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